Frequently Asked Questions

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What is for?

Listly is a fully-automated Web Scraping service for retail, research, big data, and other data-related works. It scrapes data from web pages into an Excel spreadsheet just in seconds.

Is my data public or private?

If you have logged in, we keep your data private and secure. However, the results by trial are open to public. We recommend that yousign up.

How do I get my data to update automatically?

You can set up a self-updating Scheduler to update your data periodically. It is available at a PROFESSIONAL service.

How can I get notified when a website is updated?

Don’t worry. Listly's algorithm allows Data Extractor to work well with all types of web pages.

My available URLs have been set to 0. What am I supposed to do?

Check out your available service first. The number of available url queries you can use per month is reset every month.

My Scheduler has been removed. What am I supposed to do?

Our system periodically removes Scheduler in order to prevent server overload. Check out downloadable urls on your data board and contact us if there still remain available urls.

How can I scrape a website that requires login?

We recommend you to use a Chrome extension. It will enable you to extract data from pages you’re visiting.

Can I get a refund for a subscription purchased this month?

You can get a refund for a subscription if you haven’t downloaded anything. Sorry, we’re unable to refund in case that you have already download urls.

How do I change my subscription?

You can change your subscription by upgrading or downgrading a subscription. Please contact us.

How data usage is charged?

Your data usage is charged only when the download-status indicates ‘Success’. You will not be charged for ‘Fail’.

Are Listly's APIs open?

The API opening will be very coming soon. We will inform you of the update as soon as it's ready. Please make your account.