Getting started Walk you through how to get started with Listly

Beginners Guide


How to get started in Listly

Install Chrome Extension. Go to the Target page and Click “LISTLY WHOLE” or “LISTLY PART”. Select Tab and Download Excel

biz-private pages

How to Download multiple private pages

Linkedin's people search is a representative example of private pages that require sign in. We will extract the data from the search results as following screenshots. The result ranges from 1 to 5 page.

How-to Tutorials

How to extract data from multiple web pages

How to extract data from multiple web pages

We will extract data from multiple pages (AliExpress Women’s Clothing). To get a list of URLs, please refer to How to extract Hyperlinks at one-click. The pages should be open to the public so that Listly can visit instead of you. If they are not, please refer to How to Download multiple private pages.

How to extract Hyperlinks at once

How to extract Hyperlinks at once

If you make a group to download multiple pages into Excel, you will need to write down the URLs of multiple pages. Of course, you can copy and paste each URL one by one. However, if there are too many URLs to copy in hand, we recommend that you have a try extracting URLs of child pages from the parent page.


How to get the data in iFrame

Let’s say you’re trying to extract data from the following example. However, you can not get the main content (table data) using by LISTLY WHOLE because the page contains iFrame in which the table data is.


When to use Top-4, Top-30

The section of Top-4, Top-30 is located at the right-top on a result page. In most cases, you won't be interested in the feature because you will find the data within the top 4 results. In rare cases, you need to take a look at Top-30 if you couldn't find the right type of data.

biz-arrange data

When to use Arrange-Cell

Arrange-Cell is the download option that determines whether to classify data columns in writing an Excel file. You can find the option next to the Excel download.